2014 Tator-Turnbull Lectureship

Barbara Turnbull and Dr. Charles Tator

The 2014 lectureship was held on Nov. 7th 2014. Thanks to a strong program and large turnout, the event was a great success. The 2014 lectureship was made possible by our sponsors: UT Spine Program, Barbara Turnbull Foundation, CIHR-INMHA, Brain Canada, and CPIN (Collaborative Program in Neuroscience). For a final look at the complete program, including the speakers and award winners, please follow the link below.

2014 Tator-Turnbull Program

Dr. Ole Kiehn, MD, Dr.Sci, Professor, Mammalian Locomotor Lab, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
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Keynote Address | Deciphering neural circuits controlling walking: moving forward
Date | Friday, November 7, 2014
Time | 12:30 – 5:00 pm (reception 5:00-6:00)
Location | 89 Chestnut University of Toronto, Colony Ballroom East, 2nd Floor
*wheelchair acessible*
Sponsors | UT Spine Program, Barbara Turnbull Foundation, CIHR-INMHA, Brain Canada, CPIN

Invited Speakers
Michael Fehlings
Andrea Mothe
Simon Gosgnach
Milos Popovic
Molly Shoichet

Barbara Turnbull Award Winners
Frederic Bretzner (2014)
Yves De Koninck (2013)

The Annual Tator-Turnbull lectureship features some of the best and most promising researchers from around the world in the field of spinal cord injury. As well as the keynote speaker, some former Tator-Turnbull award recipients will also return to present updates on their research. 2014 marks the 13th installment of this special event.

Previous Speakers include:
2013 – Drs. Derek van der Kooy, Cindi Morshead, and Andras Nagy, University of Toronto
2012 – Dr. Susan Harkema, University of Louisville
2011 – Dr. Armin Curt, University of Zurich
2010 – Dr. V. Reggie Edgerton, Brain Research Institute, UCLA
2009 Dr. James Fawcett, Cambridge University Centre for Brain Repair, United Kingdom
2008 Dr. Jerry Silver, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
2007 Dr. Serge Rossignol, University of Montreal
2006 Dr. Arthur Prochazka, University of Alberta
2005 Dr. John Steeves, International Collaboration On Repair Discoveries (ICORD), Vancouver, BC
2004 Prof. Eva Sykova, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic
2003 Dr. Lars Olson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
2002 Mr. Rick Hansen, Rick Hansen Institute, Vancouver, BC