Our Research

Research in the Fehlings lab is focussed on spinal cord injury and related disorders including Cerebral Palsy and Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy. As a clinician-scientist, it is very important to Dr. Fehlings that the research is clinically relevant with the potential to be translated into therapeutic strategies for patients living with these disorders.

To this aim, the research team have developed rodent models of injuries and disorders to mirror the human conditions and work with cutting edge strategies including bio-engineering and stem cells. In addition, work in the lab also investigates some pharmacological strategies that have been approved in other disorders and may have potential in spinal cord injury. One of the advantages of these strategies is that they have already passed many of the hurdles and safety tests for use in humans so research with these substances, if successful, can be in the clinic relatively quickly.

Dr. Fehlings is also involved in clinical trials of new therapeutics and this experience and knowledge paves the way for future clinical trials as new strategies are investigated and developed.