Narihito Nagoshi

Narihito_photoDr. Nagoshi is a Japanese spine surgeon and neuroscientist. His interest in research field is cell replacement therapy for the injured spinal cord. After graduating from Keio University, School of Medicine in 2002, he had worked as an orthopaedic surgeon. He started his PhD course from 2005 in Keio University. During the PhD course, he clarified the existence of neural crest stem cells in the bone marrow, and provided an explanation for how neural cells are generated from the bone marrow (Nagoshi N et al. Cell Stem Cell, 2008). He also elucidated the role of remyelinating Schwann cells after spinal cord injury, suggesting the endogenous repair mechanism in the lesioned mammalian spinal cord (Nagoshi N et al. Glia, 2011). After the PhD course, he worked as a spine surgeon to treat various spinal disorders including spinal cord injury and cervical spondylotic myelopathy.

Dr. Nagoshi has started his career as a post-doctoral research fellow from 2014 in Fehling’s lab, and is involved in both basic and clinical research. His research goal is to characterize the human neural precursor cells induced from somatic cells, and examine the efficacy of the cells transplanted in the injured spinal cord.

Dr. Nagoshi has a wife and two children (one daughter and one son). Spending time with his beloved family enriches his research and life in Toronto.