Prakasham Rumajogee

Prakasham RumajogeeI was born in Mauritius and brought up in Paris, France. I graduated from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) in Genetics and went on to do my Masters in Cell Biology at Université René Descartes (Paris V). I returned to Université Pierre et Marie Curie to do a PhD in Neuroscience at the Laboratoire de Neurobiologie des Signaux intercellulaires (Institut de Neuroscience) in Professor André Calas’ laboratory under the supervision of Dr Marie-Christine Miquel. My PhD thesis was about the Effects of BDNF and cAMP on serotonergic neurons in vitro.

After my PhD, I moved to London (United Kingdom) where I worked on the role of Commissureless and Robo genes in axon guidance during development at the MRC for Developmental Neurobiology, King’s College London as part of Professor Guy Tear’s team. The next research that followed was related to the role of ERK1 and ERK2 genes in spinal cord injury and recovery (Brain Repair Centre, University College London). Before joining Dr Fehlings’ lab in Toronto, I also delivered lectures at the University of East London.
I am currently working on a CP model project to uncover the mechanisms of constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) and improve this therapy with stem cell transplantation.

A wise man used to say that it’s not the path that counts, it’s the goal! However, he also used to say that it’s not the goal that counts, it’s the path! It’s contradictory, isn’t it? Actually, I don’t think so… Both the goal and the pathway are always important, whether it’s in life or in science. Therefore, my goal for this position is “simply” to experiment, demonstrate, learn and… publish!