Robert A. Mitchell

Robert A. Mitchell, BSc

MD Candidate 2014, Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto
Robert Mitchell is a second-­‐year medical student at the University of Toronto. He was selected
for the Comprehensive Research Experience for Medical Students (CREMS) program in 2010 and is
working in Dr. Fehling’s regenerative medicine and spinal cord injury research group. Robert is
currently working on a project exploring the functional benefits conferred by induced pluripotent
stem cells in spinal cord injury using a mouse model.

Robert grew up in Vancouver and Toronto, and graduated from McGill University in
2008 in Interdepartmental Honors Immunology. While at McGill, Robert completed
a year-­‐long research project on the effects of malarial pigment on human
macrophage cells.

Following graduation, Robert worked as a research assistant for one year in Dr. Mark Rapoport’s
clinical psychiatry lab at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. Robert completed research exploring the
effects of anti-­‐depressant treatment following traumatic brain injury and cholinesterase
inhibitors on healthy driving in the elderly.

From 2009 to 2010, Robert worked in the neuropharmacology lab of Drs. Krista Lanctot and Nathan
Herrmann. Robert did work examining mood and cognitive outcomes following stroke and coronary
artery disease, in addition to treatment studies of dementia, stroke and coronary artery disease

Robert has been active as a volunteer at Bloorview Kids’ Rehab and Sunnybrook Hospital Emergency
and Psychiatry departments in Toronto, as well as the Chella Nursing Home and St. Luke’s
Leprosarium in Peikulam, India. Robert enjoys playing
competitive basketball, scuba diving, snowboarding and playing the guitar.