Ryan Salewski

Ryan Salewski Headshot
Ryan Salewski, PhD

I am currently a medical neuroscience researcher at Toronto Western Research Institute, where I focus on novel stem cell-based technologies to regenerate the central nervous system following traumatic injury. I have a passion for translational research that aims to improve the health and lives of patients.

I completed my PhD in Medical Science at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Michael Fehlings, Professor of Neurosurgery and Chair in Neural Repair and Regeneration. During my PhD tenure, I engaged with a diverse group of healthcare professionals and scientists at the University of Toronto, University Health Network, Mount Sinai Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital leading to successful and mutually beneficial collaborations. My research has resulted in numerous distinctions including multiple fellowships, the opportunity to lecture at international scientific conferences and several peer-reviewed publications.

Selected Publications:
Salewski RP, Mitchel RA, Lijun L, Shen C, Milekovskaia M, Nagy A, Fehlings MG (2015) Transplantation of induced pluripotent stem cell derived neural precursor cells mediate functional recovery following spinal cord injury through remyelination of axons. Accepted pending revisions at Stem Cells Translational Medicine
Salewski RP, Mitchell RA, Shen C, Fehlings MG (2015) Transplantation of Neural Stem Cells Clonally Derived from Embryonic Stem Cells Promotes Recovery of the Injured Mouse Spinal Cord. Stem Cells Dev. Jan 1;24(1):36-50
Salewski RP, Buttigieg J, Mitchell RA, van der Kooy D, Nagy A, Fehlings MG. (2013) The generation of definitive neural stem cells from piggyBac transposon induced pluripotent stem cells can be enhanced by induction of the NOTCH signalling pathway. Stem Cells Dev. Feb 1;22(3):383-96.
Salewski RP, Eftekharpour E, & Fehlings MG. (2010) Are Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells the Future of Cell-Based Regenerative Therapies for Spinal Cord Injury? Journal of Cellular Physiology. 222:515-521.

Selected Awards:
• University-wide finalist for the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition (2014)
• Unilever/Lipton Graduate Fellowship in Neuroscience (2013)
• Ontario Graduate Studentship Award (2012)
• Training programs in Regenerative Medicine Fellowship, CIHR (2011-13)
• Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Studentship (2009-10)

Selected invited lectures:
• Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting Nanosymposium Spinal Cord: Cellular and Molecular Mechanism. The role of myelination in induced pluripotent stem cell derived neural stem cells transplantation mediated recovery following spinal cord injury. San Diego CA USA. (2013)
• Canadian Spinal Cord Conference. Definitive neural stem cells clonally generated from pluripotent stem cells promote recovery following spinal cord injury. Canadian Spinal Cord Conference, Halifax NS. (2013)
• Neuroscience Association for Undergraduates Society (NAUS). Pluripotent Stem Cell Strategies from Spinal Cord Regeneration. Toronto ON. (2012)