Tatiana Bregman

Tatiana Bregman Headshot

Dr. Tatiana Bregman completed her Master’s degree in neuroscience at St-Petersburg State University, Russia, and her PhD in the lab of Prof. Uri Yinon at Tel Aviv University, Israel, where she studied physiological aspects of image processing in single cells in the visual cortex of the cat. Her interest to clinical application of neuroscience research brought her to the lab of Dr. Fride (Ariel University, Israel) where she completed the study on behavioral impairments accompanying cystic fibrosis in a mouse model, and then to the lab of Dr. Nobrega (CAMH, Toronto) focusing on deep brain stimulation to investigate mechanisms of depression and to alleviate its symptoms.

At present Dr. Bregman is a postdoctoral fellow studying gender-specific features of brain damage evolution and repair in cerebral palsy to optimise parameters of stem cell implantation: timing, site and conditions of intervention.

Dr. Bregman enjoys spending her spare time with her family, her dog (blue great dane), reading or travelling.